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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Make 2019 Your Year To Slim Down, Look Younger and Feel Better Than Ever!
Ever promised yourself that THIS would be the year you got your health back on track, committed to a plan...

And then went off the rails faster than ever?

We All have. Sticking to resolutions is Hard Work if you don't know the secret.

Which is why I've created a Free 30 minute MP3 to help you implement health resolutions that Stick.

Download it now for a novel reprogramming session that's just a little brainwashy...

While listening, you'll discover how to:

* Tap The Self-Motivating Capabilities Of Your Mind...

* Learn To Future-Pace Then Achieve Your Desired Goals...

* Put Those Broken Health Resolutions In The Rear Mirror!

Warning: This MP3 may prove so effective that you may find yourself stuck with good habits for life!
Value = $37

From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

The Secret Art Of Creating Prosperity
Creating prosperity in every area of your life is easier than you may realize.

Claim this gift now and practice energetically attracting prosperity into your life with ease.

It's your birthright and it's available to you right now.
Value = $47

From : The Zen

Boundless Divinity
Time to waken your Boundless Potential to Manifest your Wildest Dreams & Desires.

This MP3 automatically turns you into a vibrant, feel good, good luck generator that will instantly begin to manifest all wants & desires into your physical experience as if by magic. It removes negative blocks using tuning forks & theta brainwaves.

The true secrets of manifesting anything & everything is projected & picked up by the subconscious that will produce mind-blowing results.

Start Living Your Desired Life Now!
Value = $67

From : Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel's Song MP3
An angel visits with you in mind...

He has crafted a heartfelt composition for you.

And it will help you to restore inner peace and balance.

Spend just 15 minutes listening and it'll help;

1) Heal your emotional wound
2) Heal your past traumas and negative experiences
3) Unlock your special gifts for this life
4) Reach your spiritual ascension

This will be so spiritually detoxifying yet uplifting
Value = $105

From : World Of Alternatives

3 Amazing Mind Sync Downloads
Download #1 - Psychic Amplifier:
Develop psychic skills quickly and safely. Established psychics and clairvoyants can improve their abilities.

Download #2 - Material Manifestation:
Can be used to facilitate material gain. Examples would be increased wealth, more property, a better job, etc.

Download #3- Chi Generator:
The chosen frequencies will instantly increase your energy, create a measurable increase in alertness. massively improve your ability to concentrate & increase personal power.
Value = $70

From : Wilson Lau

Decode Your Life Path Destiny With These Five Powerful Tracks
You will get instant access to the following sutras:
01 Introduction
02 Higher Self Meditation
03 Animal Guide Meditation
04 Spirit of Gaia Meditation
05 Master Teacher Meditation

Grab this while it's still available!
Value = $27

From : Karl Moore

Law Of Attraction Booster MP3!
Receive your Free Law of Attraction Booster MP3 & Get Your Free Hypnosis Training!

Instantly Manifest Your Dreams! Master The Law of Attraction With This Free Hypnosis Audio…

Just listen once and see the results for yourself. Plus, receive our Free mindset training by email.

Never Seen Before!
Value = $20

From : Josh Burns

The Million Dollar Habit!
New Year's Resolutions don't always work out the way we want, do they?

That's why our gift to you this holiday season is the gift of a new Habit...

A habit that will change the way you think about wealth and abundance forever...

And just like every other good habit, it will be working for you every day, automatically... Improving and transforming your life, on full cruise control...

We've custom-tailored every second of this breakthrough hypnosis session to give you the most critical automatic behavior shared by the world's most successful self-made millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires...

Your new habit is our gift to you - use it wisely, and enjoy a whole new flood of abundance and wealth in 2019!
Value = $47

From : Karim Hajee

Get The 3 Step Formula For Success
Here are the 3 Steps for Success - Hint: One of them is Not Working Harder

In this Special E-Book I give you the 3 Steps to Success and Happiness - these are the Same Steps I share with my High End Coaching Clients - Now I'm Giving You these 3 Steps Free

Follow these 3 Steps and You Will

*Attract the right people to help you succeed
*Remove the Negative Blocks Preventing You From Succeeding
*Eliminate Fear and Self Doubt

Plus you'll discover a 5 minute system that will Catapult you to Automatic Lifetime Success... Get Your Free Copy of this Simple Formula Today...
Value = $47

From : Mark Pescetti

5.14Hz MP3 - Limiting Beliefs Destroyer
The latest neurological research suggests that the #1 roadblock to wild success… and I mean Millionaire-level success…

Has little to Nothing to do with skills… or knowledge… or upbringing… or education.

But has Everything to do with Your beliefs about success.

And that, once you deal your limiting beliefs once and for all…

It’s like you get immediate access to the “autobahn” of radical success.

Now, what if the shortcut to that crazy success…

Came by way of a free, instant MP3 (5.14Hz) download?

Would you want it?

It's Free for the next couple of days.
Value = $47

From : Steve G. Jones

Achieve Unlimited Wealth
Hypnosis could be the key for you to remove the barriers preventing you from becoming wealthy and having financial freedom.

Hypnosis opens the door to unlimited wealth by helping the participant relax, focus and become more motivated to go after the opportunities that bring about real wealth which is that balance between spending and saving.
Value = $79

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