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From : The Zen

Akashic Records
Enter the Sacred Compilation & Vibrational Archive of Your Soul's Journey through Time & Space.

Get ready to awaken all your Inner Sensory Receptors and Intuition through the Higher Realms of Consciousness in Akasha above the Astral Plane.

Start to receive the Illuminating Wisdom that comes from the Ascended Beings of Light as You Open to Divine Guidance.

Be Empowered to Create a Change in Your Life, Release Self-Limiting Beliefs & Transform Relationships in Your Inner & Outer Universe.

The guidance comes from a non-judgemental place of love and compassion providing opportunities for growth and direction for your soul’s advancement.
Value = $107

From : Karl Moore

Claim Your Copy Of The Manifesting Movie!
Discover how to unlock the Law of Attraction -- with this World Premiere of the Manifesting Movie!

Sit back as Ten leading Law of Attraction experts share their secret 5-Step Manifesting Technique with you.

You'll learn why 94% of people Fail with the Law -- and the "brain hack" for succeeding!

And you'll discover how to attract more abundance, happiness, and love, all by using a quick & easy 5-step method.

All inside an exclusive 30-minute documentary, 100% backed by science.
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From : World Of Alternatives

2 Isochiral™ Music Downloads: PLUS...2 Isochiral™ Affirmation Downloads
- Control Stress
This download has the exact isochronic beat frequencies to induce a deep relaxation of mind and body and will help with both external and internal stressors.

- Increase Energy
The chosen frequencies in this download will instantly increase your energy, create a measurable increase in alertness that can last for up to 2 hours and massively improve your ability to concentrate.

This download should not be used if you want to sleep!

- Accept Your Physical Self
Accelerate the effect of using affirmations to help to accept your physical self. Become progressively more at ease and confident with how you look.

- Fantatstic Creativity
Accelerate the effect of using affirmations to help to increase your creative thinking skills. Improve your ability to think creatively in any environment.
Value = $80

From : Carolyn Hansen

How To Go From Money-Stressed To Financial Freedom…
Wouldn’t it be great to be free from financial worries? To be able to live the life you choose instead of working your life away? You can achieve this if you have the necessary money mindset for success.

Download my Free report to discover:

* How to get beyond the soul-crushing First Stage of financial freedom

* Which questions to ask yourself Before you take your shot at financial freedom

* My 12 Step Blueprint to finally obtaining the financial freedom you deserve!

The journey to Financial Freedom starts here so you never have to worry about money again...
Value = $47

From : Brainex Entertainment

Your Spiritual Guide Is Ready!
In an age where the world is at our fingertips 24/7, and we are often so very busy it’s easy for our minds and bodies to be on constant digital overload.

You will get instant access to the following sutras:
01 Introduction
02 Higher Self Meditation
03 Animal Guide Meditation
04 Spirit of Gaia Meditation
05 Master Teacher Meditation
Value = $39

From : Sarah Orwell

Lost Book of Healing 2019
Big Pharma will Kill to keep this a secret...

"A comprehensive book that deserves all kinds of praise it can get for showing people how they can lead a pain-free life naturally" - Mary Mathieson, Washington D.C.

In Lost Book of Healing, Sarah Orwell shows you how a combination of ancient therapies, herbs, and lifestyle can create a system for anyone who wants to lead a pain-free life.

This amazing book - the leader in its field - teaches you how to improve your health through practical tips you never know existed.

Download your book now!
Value = $127

From : Archangel Gabriel

Reset 11:11:11 Meditation
Get access to this high quality and one-of-a-kind meditation guide which will help to

1) Heal Your Past, Create Your Future
2) Re-align You With Your Unique Purposes
3) Restore Inner Peace & Balance
4) Eliminate All Your Anxiety
5) And alot more...

Time to restore your energy and creative healing power so that you can reconnect with your divine truth
Value = $105

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