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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Energetic Affirmation Kit For Money & Abundance
Everything is energy. If your energy is not a match to what you want to create in life, those things cannot manifest for you. Period.

This Energetic Affirmation Kit is completely different than any affirmations you've experienced before.

It includes an affirmation audio with sophisticated brainwave entrainment technology to help your subconscious mind relax and accept the information more deeply.

It also includes a Powerful 4-Step Energetic Affirmation process for dissolving blocks and resistance, setting intentions for your life and increasing your vibration to match the energetic properties of your desires.

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Value = $47

From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Master Your Mind – Everything You Need To Become The Powerful, Successful Person You Want To Be!
“I Can. Therefore I Will” bundle. Two eBooks plus 6 MP3 Audios will allow you to discover the secret sauce that will supercharge everything in your life.

The greatest thinking machine ever produced in the history of our planet is the human brain. Each and every one of us bestowed from birth with a gift of unimaginable complexity - a tool that we can use to mold our personality, shape the course of our destiny, and determine just who and what we really are... Yet almost none of us uses their gift to its full potential.

But, what if you could? What if I could show you how to apply a simple principle to attract almost anything you want from life?

Download this special bundle to discover this and use it to master your mind and life.
Value = $27

From : Karl Moore

Download Your Hypnosis Booster MP3!
What do you MOST want to work on today?

Brain Power. Law of Attraction. Wealth. Weight Loss. Confidence.

Just choose from the list below, and we'll send you a FREE Hypnosis MP3 - and provide you with a LIVE training session.

Value = $20

From : Chris Cade

"A Course In Miracles" Lessons
This powerful spiritual course has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Hawkins, and our beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer.

A Course In Miracles has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide discover peace, joy, and happiness. You're about to become one of them.

These Workbook Lessons are specially designed to help you overcome negative beliefs and emotions. You'll receive one workbook lesson per day until the course completes.

On Amazon, people are regularly paying $20 or more for the 3rd Edition.

Today, you get the workbook lessons for free.
Value = $20

From : Zane Baker

Beneath The Dreams Angelic Meditation
Gain focus and clarity while going on a magical musical journey with the “Beneath The Dreamin” MP3 Meditation Track.

This powerful meditation MP3 has helped over 25,000 people across the globe discover their invisible power and get a clear vision of what to do to manifest their true destiny and today it’s available to you too.

I am a firm believer in the power of meditation, and I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy and transform your life with this binaural beats infused angelic meditation.

Grab your free audio MP3 now to get started.

Value = $125

From : Lazy Life Hacker

Confident You - The Tools You Need To Discover Mr. Right
Tired of wasting time on the wrong guys?

We all have someone out there waiting to be discovered. However, finding 'Mr. Right' can be more than challenging.

Stop wasting time and meet the man you have been searching for, whether it be for a serious relationship, something more casual, or just a night of fun, you've got to check out these incredible hypnotherapy mp3's and our helpful dating guide.

Benefits Include:

Make Yourself Irresistible
Improved Confidence With Men
Attract The Right Man For Your Needs
Learn The Secrets Behind Making Him Want You
Discover What Life Is Like With A Special Someone
Happiness, Contentment, And Love In Life

Also, discover how to get Free Access to our upgraded package "Confident You Gold"
Value = $47

From : Steve G. Jones

Achieve Unlimited Wealth
Hypnosis could be the key for you to remove the barriers preventing you from becoming wealthy and having financial freedom.

Hypnosis opens the door to unlimited wealth by helping the participant relax, focus and become more motivated to go after the opportunities that bring about real wealth which is that balance between spending and saving.
Value = $79

From : Karim Hajee

Get Rid Of Negative Energy
Now You Can Get Rid of Negative Energy and Negative Thinking which is preventing you from succeeding with this Free E-Book

In a few short days you will

*Get Rid of Negative Thinking
*Increase Your Confidence
*Make, Attract and Have More Money
*Remove the blocks on your Subconscious Mind that hold you back
*Believe In Yourself
*Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Plus so much more... Get your copy today and receive a free bonus audio program
Value = $47

From : Limitless Valley - Daniele Fiori

9 Hypnotic Guided Meditations To Unlock All Your Hidden Powers!
Transform yourself with these 9 powerful hypnotic guided meditations:

1 Total Relaxation
2 Staying Relaxed
3 Be Confident
4 Make Your Dreams Come True
5 Attracting Wealth
6 Amazing Learning
7 True Love
8 Weight Loss
9 Quit Smoking


"Achieve Any Goals" Email Series (2 emails)

And our weekly "Self Improvement" Newsletter!
Value = $97

From : World Of Alternatives

4 Mind Sync Meditation Downloads
Alpha Meditation:
Zen meditation, visualization, memory, learning enhancement & de silva training.

Theta Meditation:
Astral projection, remote viewing, past life regression work and psychic activity.

Delta Meditation:
Shamanic trance, samadhi and clear light meditation, rebalancing of human growth hormones & DHEA in aging.

Epsilon Meditation:
Helps to coordinate left and right brain activity - creating A-HA states. Nirvanic & samhadhi experience, spiritual insight & Out of Body experiences.
Value = $80

From : Cheeflowo blog

Understand The Basics Of "Law Of Attraction"
What is abundance and how do you obtain it using the Law of Attraction?

Learn more about the Law of Attraction with this free pdf.

Download your free copy from below.
Value = $19

From : Perfect Path

Self Acceptance Healing - Guided Affirmation Meditation
Heal your self-acceptance to change habits and your life.

Addictions come in many shapes and forms. One can even be addicted to negativity.

If you have been struggling with changing habits or addiction in any form, you might have an underlying negative attitude towards yourself.

The remedy is for you to develop more self-acceptance.

This Self Acceptance Healing Meditation will help you make change From a place of compassion rather than negativity and ultimately means you are far more likely to succeed in making the necessary changes.

You Can Make Changes. The First Step Is Here At No Charge.
Value = $47

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