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From : Karl Moore

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Change Your Mind Change Your Health: Harness The Power Of Your Brain To Achieve True Well-being.
It almost sounds too easy. That the simple act of listening to this FREE 20 minute audio might put you on the path to Super Health.

Yet this carefully prepared MP3 is designed to do exactly that.

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True wellness is about becoming and being our best selves - a process and a journey of personal independence, self-discovery, and transformation leading to a new, healthier You!.
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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

The Secret Art Of Creating Prosperity
Creating prosperity in every area of your life is easier than you may realize.

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From : Your Spiritual Audios

Five Sacred Audios to Reach Your Higher Self
The benefits of meditation are manifold.

A calm mind, better focus and creativity, improved energy, healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and increased happiness are all natural results of meditating regularly.

You will get instant access to the following audios:

01 Introduction
02 Higher Self Meditation
03 Animal Guide Meditation
04 Spirit of Gaia Meditation
05 Master Teacher Meditation

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From : Divine Revelation

Tranquil Rejuvenation MP3
Imagine a gentle touch of a cool breeze on your face.

Feel the wind sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.

Suddenly, you know you are alive.

Get ready to sojourn into an Imaginary Acoustic Journey back in time to reclaim your once Young, Vibrant and Energized self.

Be youthful and alive!
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From : Power of Mind

5 Transformational Guided MP3s
It's a high quality 5-Audio Package, all designed to get you on the track of Attracting Your "Dream - Life"

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- Removing Your Success Blocking Walls (10:11)
- Manifest Financial Freedom (15:05)
- Stress Relief (15:00)
- Harmonic Prosperity-Hypnotherapy (12:36)
- The LOA Accelerator (10:08)

Enjoy the results of maximizing your potentials...

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From : World Of Alternatives

Get 3 New Mind Sync Harmonics Downloads
Download #1 - Hypnotic Induction:
A combination of frequencies consistently create a highly suggestible state in the user. Studies found that this was ideal for self hypnotic induction.

Download #2 - Speed Learning:
Certain frequencies can at least double our ability to learn new material. In some cases this learning ability has been multiplied by a factor of ten.

Download #3- Lucid Dreaming:
Get control of your dream world... now. Learn the secret of programming lucid dreams every night.
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From : Steve G. Jones

The Hypnotic Language Formula
The Six Step Formula For Using Hypnotic Language To Persuade Others.
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From : Joshua Burns

The Million Dollar Habit
There's *one thing* that every self made millionaire has in common...

A Habit that paves the way for their continued success every day...

And the funny thing is - most of them have no idea how rare it is.

Oddly enough, this habit isn't some kind of unattainable goal or - it's actually something you can program your brain to do in about 43 minutes.

So that when you wake up tomorrow...

You're able to seize better opportunities...

Able to grow your wealth, your business, your personal influence...

And upgrade your entire life - far easier and much faster than you've ever thought possible before...

At Be Way Better, we help people reach incredible new heights in every area of their lives -

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